There is always one person in the family that is considered the tech guy. Yup, I’m that guy. It started off small, with family asking for help. Then friends, friends of friends and then to complete strangers. So, I decided to write down some of my recommendations for everyone!

My love of tech started with an obsession with the OG Nintendo and quickly spread to flip phones. Since then my phone obsession has blossomed to my love of smartphones and smartphone photography. Yes, my only subject is my adorable(well, most of the time) son. With photography came audio! OMG, audio is where it is at. There is nothing better than pure, clean audio. That is my new passion and where I spend many hours recording and mastering music.

Yes, I do make a small (very small) commission through this webiste with affiliate links. However, I will alway be honest in my recommendations. It makes me so happy to help people. That is why this site exist.