Streaming Setup

Want to get into the streaming? Well, it is great because the barrier to start is so low. All you need is a computer and software. However, if you are wanting to step up your streaming game, here are a few upgrade options!

So to start off, you would need a computer and software to get your stream out. For Software, I recommend the OBS studio– free and open-source with plenty of support.

Budget Option For Streaming Upgrade

Lighting: Find a lamp and shine it front facing

Microphone: Fifine: about $45

Headphones: Audio-Technica M 20x : about $50

Or A combo of Headphones and Microphone: Vankyo Gaming Headset: $44

Mouse: Razor DeathAdder- White : $30 on Sale / Black: $50

Camera: Build in webcam

Mid Range Upgrade Options

Lighting: Neewer Video Light: $22

Camera: Every decent webcam is sold out. However, this is not typically a webcam, but you can turn it into one. The Wyze Cam– around $25. This camera is a great security camera. However, Wyze has released an optional software update that turns the Wyze Cam into a webcam. It is a great option for a decent video on the cheap.

Headphones: Audio-Technica M50x: about $129

Mouse: stick with the classics: Razor DeathAddder: White : $30 on Sale / Black: $50

Microphone: Blue Yeti: (yes it is an old gamepackage) But its cheaper in the bundle

Keyboard: G. Skill KM360: about $45 or Razor Blackwidow: about $60

Higher end Upgrades

Camera(will need a capture card): Sony 6000: about $448

Microphone:(will need audio interface) Sure SM57b : about $510

Audio Interface (for clearer sound) BEHRINGER U-PHORIA : about $118

Capture Card: Elgato Capture: about $180

More Robust Capture Card: Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro (great for multiple cameras and live events) about $800 . Blackmagic also sells ATEM Mini but it is sold out everwhere. That usually runs about $300

Feel free to Mix and match any of these to make the perfect setup for your needs. Also, if you think something is better or wondering why I picked these options, please feel free to drop a comment!