Better Sound on Zoom and Skype

Updated 8/24/202

I have been getting a lot of people asking for tech help due to being stuck at home and more businesses moving to an online setup. I just thought that some of this info would be useful for people who wanted better sound during online meetings or better yet, music lessons online. Products that I recommend


💸Budget Pick: Fifine USB mic

💸💸Mid Price Pick: Blue yeti

💸💸💸Higher End Pick (will have to have Audio Interface: options below): Lewitt LCT 440


Sure SM57 B

🎛Audio Interface:

💸Budget Pick: BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UMC202HD, 2-Channel

💸💸Mid Price Pick : Focusrite 2i2


💸Budget Pick: AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO

📂Software for lessons: Skype

🌐Internet: I would get as fast as you can get Plug ethernet cable directly from the modem into the computer Internet Speeds should be at least: 20MB down and 10MB up for all parties. (better if it was more 100MB down and 100MB UP) You can test your speed here: I hope this helps some people. If you have questions, disagreements on products, suggestions, feel free to let me know! If you do end up wanting to buy one of these, please use my links to help me out. If not, that’s ok too, I hope this post helps 🙂